Refund Policy
Classroom/Skills Evaluation
If the student does not show up,or did not contact Moon Valley CPR prior to a class, then the Student No-Show policy below applies.  Written notification via email at will suffice as a customer notification during non-business hours. If our company cancels a class, the customer will receive a new training date at no additional charge or may request a full refund at the approval of our company (If our company cancels a class due to a weather emergency out of its control, then full refunds will not be issued).


       Refund Deductions
       Classroom: 50% with at least 72 hours notice.
       Blended/Online: 50% within 24 hours of registration, no refunds after 24 hours

Emergency Cancellation
If a class cancels, due to severe weather, instructor illness/injury, family emergencies or anything else that might be considered an emergency, registered students will receive priority enrollment in the next available class. Class cancellations are due to severe weather are issued within 24 hours of a class. If there are no available classes in the next two weeks within a 25 miles radius of the customer, then the student will be issued a full refund.
Low Enrollment Cancellation
Although we make every effort to promote classes scheduled in our training center, our company reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment. In case of a class cancellation, any student who has paid for his/her class will have the option of rescheduling into another class at no additional charge or receiving a full refund.
Online Courses
A 50% refund will be issued within 24 hours of registration of an online/blended learning course. No refunds after 24 hours 
Instructor Courses
Instructor courses are offered in a blended learning format and will not be refunded 24 hours after registration. Instructor trainer candidates who do not complete the assigned online portion, pass the pre course scenario, or pass the final written exam will not receive a refund.

Registration and Attendance Policy
Student Transfer
At any time before a class begins, a registered student may transfer that registration to any other person at no additional charge. That intent, however, must be communicated to our company in advance of the class or will not be eligible for transfer.
Student Reschedule
A student may request one reschedule, provided the request is 24 hours before the start of class. There is no additional cost for this service and if a class is less than the original cost, after 24 hours of registration, no refunds will be issued. All reschedules must be received by email at If a student reschedules a class, they are not eligible for a refund. After a student uses their reschedule, they will have to pay for an additional reschedule at 50% cost of the cost.
Student No-Show
With a no-show, the registration fee is forfeited altogether, meaning the student would be unable to receive a refund.  If a student does NOT show up to a class, and has not rescheduled, they are considered a no-show. 
Student Retake Policy
If a student fails a class (skills check, written test or online portion) the student may take the class again at 50% of the class cost.
Class Environment
Classes will only be held in a smoke-free environment. Drinks are permitted at most locations if covered with a lid or cap.
Students must arrive on time and be present for the entire class to receive a certification. Students also cannot bring non-registered attendees to their class (e.g., friends, family, children, co-workers, or others).  Students arriving more that 15 (fifteen) minutes late may be denied entry altogether, or may be allowed to participate, but without certification. If a student arrives late and chooses not to participate, the student must communicate to the instructor or call our company, or they will be considered a No-Show. Skills check sessions only have a 10-minute grace period. After 10-minutes, students will have to reschedule their skills check session. 
If an organization or a client carries an outstanding balance, their remaining balance will be charged within thirty days after the due day to the original payment method. Certification cards will not be released to the customer until their invoice is paid in full.
Cell Phone Usage
Cell phone use, texting, and social media interaction interrupts other students and instructors delivering the course. Please limit cell phone use to before/after class and during breaks. We understand family and work emergencies do happen - if you need to answer an emergency text or call, please step out to answer your cell/text.