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Which PALS course is right for me?

PALS classes are available as initial, review, blended learning or challenge courses. Red Cross PALS certification issued upon completion.

Initial courses are PALS classes ideal for students attending training for the first time. The class is two days, 10-12 hours total.

Review courses, similar to refresher or renewal courses, are for Red Cross PALS providers who wish to renew a current certification. Providers that require PALS certification that are certified through another organization ( AHA, ASHI) can attend a Review course to receive Red Cross certification. The class is 5 hours.

Blended Learning is popular with students and providers limited time in their schedules. The online lessons can be completed in portions at your pace, with an in classroom skill session to follow. PALS certification is identical to those issued after a traditional classroom session. The online lessons are 3-5 hours total, classroom skills session is 1.5 to 2.5 hours,

Red Cross PALS Challenge courses are designed for experienced PALS providers with proficiency in pediatric knowledge and care. The course should be avoided by new providers or those who do not use PALS training routinely. The challenge lasts one hour, consisting of the written and skills test, students must pass both tests on a single attempt in order to receive certification

Download the Pediatric Advanced Life Support manual:

Pediatric Advanced Life Support Participant Manual