First Aid classes

Group and Corporate Training

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First Aid courses are available for group scheduling. Contact Moon Valley CPR at (602) 635-9787 at to schedule a training. Classes can be held at in classroom or on site at your location. First Aid training is offered as corporate, organization, and group training.  Optional modules can be included with First Aid such as Bloodborne Pathogens.

First Aid classes teach students critical skills to respond to and manage an emergency in the first few minutes until emergency medical services arrives. Students learn duties and responsibilities of first aid rescuers; first aid actions for medical emergencies, including severe choking, heart attack, and stroke; and skills for handling injury and environmental emergencies, including external bleeding, broken bones and sprains, and bites and stings. Advanced and Comprehensive First Aid is ideal for corporate or industrial response and safety teams.

ASHI First Aid, American Red Cross First Aid and American Heart Association (Heartsaver®) First Aid are OSHA compliant and valid for two years.

ASHI Advanced First Aid

The ASHI Advanced First Aid course is designed for the person who needs or desires more first aid training than Basic First Aid, but not to the level of Emergency Medical Response. Perfect for corporate emergency response teams, this 17-21 hour Advanced First Aid certification course presents many of the most common illnesses and injuries responders are likely to encounter.
Intended Audience This Advanced First Aid training course is designed for non-EMS responders including:
  • government
  • corporate
  • industry,
  • lifeguards
  • security personnel
  • law enforcement
  • corrections personnel
  • other individuals who are not EMS or healthcare providers, but desire or require certification in Advanced First Aid.
Current, valid professional-level BLS certification (Basic Life Support). May be incorporated/conducted in conjunction with the AFA program as needed.
Required for Successful Completion
Written Evaluation- Required
Skills Evaluation- Students must perform required skills competently without assistance.
Successful completion is based on achievement of the core learning objectives rather than a prescribed instruction time.

Red Cross Wilderness and Remote First Aid

Wilderness environments create special situations not usually encountered in an urban or suburban environment. With a Red Cross Wilderness First Aid class, first aid providers in a remote outdoor setting will be better prepared to respond when faced with limited resources, longer times to care for someone, and decisions about when and how fast to evacuate an ill or injured person. This comprehensive 16-hour wilderness first aid course meets or exceeds the Boy Scouts of America Wilderness First Aid Curriculum and Doctrine Guidelines, 2017 Edition.
Course Includes
Information-filled lecture covering wilderness and remote first aid from a basic understanding of emergency response in an outdoor setting to specific techniques and considerations for a wide range of injuries and illnesses.
Course topics include:
Preparation and Assessment
Preventing and Caring for Injuries and Illnesses
Environmental Hazards
Other Wilderness Considerations
Adult CPR and AED

ASHI Emergency Medical Response (EMR)

The ASHI Emergency Medical Response training program provides a detailed and comprehensive approach for managing out-of-hospital medical emergencies prior to the arrival of EMS.
The program is designed to provide non-EMS responders more depth and exposure to standard first aid training topics to provide richer and more advanced training. It meets and exceeds workplace first aid training requirements and satisfies the desire to learn more than just basic first aid without the burden associated with EMS provider training and certification.
Emergency Medical Response provides comparable training to that of Emergency Medical Responder, the base-level training for EMS providers, although the program is not intended for training EMS providers or preparing students to be eligible for EMS provider testing and certification. 
Intended Audience
This course is intended for individuals who are not EMS or healthcare providers but desire certification in Emergency Medical Response, such as:
– Law enforcement officers
– Correctional officers
– Security personnel
– Event and crowd control staff
– Lifeguards
– Park rangers
– Workplace Emergency Response Team (ERT) members
– Disaster team members
– Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) members
– Athletic trainers
– Outdoor guides
Current certification in healthcare-level CPR training, or Basic Life Support (BLS). BLS training and certification can also be done concurrently as part of an ASHI Emergency Medical Response class.
Required for Successful Completion
Written Evaluation- Required
Skills Evaluation- Required. Correctly demonstrate skill competence in five specific areas:
Respiratory Arrest (Bag-Mask)
Adult Cardiac Arrest
Infant Cardiac Arrest
Traumatic Injury (Responsive or Unresponsive)
Medical Emergency (Responsive or Unresponsive)
Successful completion is based on achievement of the core learning objectives rather than a prescribed instruction time.
State Licensure and Credentialing of Emergency Medical Responders
An individual who has been trained and certified in ASHI Emergency Medical Response will not be licensed or credentialed to practice emergency medical care as an EMS provider within an organized state EMS system. EMS provider licensing and credentialing are legal activ­ities performed by the state, not ASHI. Individuals who require or desire licensure and credentialing within the state EMS system must complete specific requirements established by the regulating authority, typically a state EMS agency within the state health department. The ASHI Emergency Medical Response program is not intended to prepare individuals for national certification, licensure, or credentialing as an EMS provider.

“I had to take BLS for a class, and I am so happy I chose this one. It was a great comfortable learning environment, and I feel the knowledge learned will stick with me since it was very hands on. Definitely would recommend this, and plan to come back here when mine expires. :)”

Lexi K

“Great class! Very informative and professional. Instructor is patient, kind and very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend to anyone.”

Jen R.

“I took the ACLS skills training course with Moon Valley CPR and they were fabulous. I was provided with a 1 on 1 training session and given multiple scenarios to go through. My trainer was thorough, helpful and knowledgeable. They also allowed me to practice other skills using the manikins while there. Definitely would recommend”

Sheridan J.Resident Physician

“Great class and very informative. I did the online portion and then came for skills check. Very professional and useful to brush up on skills.”

Joanna Z.Family Nurse Practitioner

“In these crazy times this class was amazing! Part of the work is online, then you come to class and work as a team (with your own manikin) while social distancing. So professional! I highly recommend Moon Valley CPR and specifically Patrick.”

Kym BNursing Student

“Great course. I completed the online + in-person BLS course with ARC. Patrick does a great job with the skills portion. He is straightforward and ensures you get adequate practice for skills. He does a great job of quizzing you and practicing scenarios. He has also adapted well to social distancing guidelines such that the class does not feel like it’s lacking anything.”

Annie O.Student

“Awesome!!!!! Small classes so you get a lot of hands on training. Best CPR class I have ever taken”

Stephanie S.

“Patrick Helms was extremely knowledgeable, organized and respectful. He was very patient with everyone (especially during this COVID-19). The in-person class was very informative and taught at a reasonable pace!”

Kai B.

“Excellent class. I liked taking the initial course online and then showing up to master the hands-on skills with Patrick. I am confident that I could handle more emergency cases thanks to the help of Moon Valley CPR.”

Peter R.Physician

“Patrick was awesome to help me get into the online course AND with the instruction for our skills day. Very mindful of COVID19 protocols which I appreciated.”

Debbie M.Coach

“Best class I have ever taken. Patrick was so informative and motivational. I have never felt so educated on CPR and First Aid as I am now. Definitely recommend taking the course!”

Michelle M.Dental Assistant

“Just in time when I needed them. Nice small class with all of us having our own mannequin. Instructor was well informed. I will come back in 2 years :)”

Rachel W.

“Great experience. Definitely felt I learned from the instructor and he was patient as well. Highly recommend”

Dionisio T.