American Red Cross Healthcare BLS/ALS/PALS and CPRO

Students that require certification for employment, school, testing, or involvement in an organization please confirm your certification requirements prior to registration.

BLS team

Basic Life Support 

Designed specifically for healthcare professionals and first-responders, BLS courses deliver information and skills training on:

  • Rapid Assessment and Visual Survey

  • CPR/AED for Adults, Children and Infants

  • Obstructed Airways

  • Opioid Overdoses

  • Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Communication and Teamwork

  • The Emergency Medical Services System

  • Legal Considerations

  • Precautions


close up of ALS provider holding tablet p

Advanced Life Support 


Designed specifically for healthcare professionals and first responders. 

Topics discussed are advanced life support assessment, as well as how to best manage respiratory emergencies, and Advanced Life Support (ALS) protocols for acute arrhythmias, cardiac arrest (including post-cardiac arrest care), acute coronary syndromes and acute stroke within or outside of a medical facility setting.

The only prerequisite for enrollment is that you must be proficient in adult basic life support (BLS) skills.


Infant PALS patient with stethoscope in hand

Pediatric Advanced Life Support

Designed specifically for healthcare professionals and first responders, Topics include assessment, recognize and provide high-quality care to pediatric patients experiencing life-threatening medical emergencies, including shock, cardiac and respiratory events, as well as how to provide care after the return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) during a resuscitation effort. 

The only prerequisite for enrollment is that you must be proficient in pediatric basic life support (BLS) skills.


Lifeguards providing CPR and AED

CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers

CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers is designed to train professional-level rescuers to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies in adults, children and infants until more advanced medical personnel take over. Topics discussed:

  • CPR (one- and two-rescuer)

  • AED

  • Primary Assessment

  • Ventilations (including BVM)

  • Choking (conscious and unconscious)​

CPRO may be combined with other courses such as First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens for additional certification needs​


Nurse with bloodborne precautions

Bloodborne Pathogens Training


The Bloodborne Pathogens course teaches employees how bloodborne pathogens are spread and how to help prevent exposure incidents by following work practice controls. Students include correctional officers, childcare workers, Security guards, maintenance workers, School personnel, hotel housekeepers, health and fitness club staff, and tattoo artists. One year certification. OSHA compliant


Blended Learning Options

Busy schedule? Prefer online classes? We offer Blended Learning classes for CPR and First Aid. Students complete an online course and after completion attend an in person skills evaluation.